Clarence Thomas

is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Confirmed in 1991, Justice Thomas has been on the Court for over 3 decades and has established a remarkable record of jurisprudence that has been faithful to constitutional originalism.

This site is dedicated to Justice Clarence Thomas and his 3 decades of jurisprudence on the Supreme Court of the United States. Since his confirmation on October 15, 1991, Justice Thomas has been a stalwart defender of the original meaning of the Constitution. Through thoughtful writings exploring the historical and philosophical foundations of our country, he has led the Court back to that all-important document. Based on his unwavering commitment to his originalist jurisprudence, he has demonstrated his willingness to take unpopular positions over and over again. As he once said, “I just think we should interpret the Constitution as it’s drafted, not as we would have drafted it.”


Featuring law review articles and other analyses of Justice Thomas’ jurisprudence, videos of his interviews and speeches, links to all his opinions, original analysis of key areas of his jurisprudence, and news stories and events about the Justice, this site aims to stimulate discussion about his contribution to American law and the impact of his quarter century on the Court.

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