In 2007, Justice Thomas’ memoir, My Grandfather’s Son, was published and became a #1 New York Times’ bestseller. It garnered praise from reviewers across the political spectrum.

“I am not sure if Justice Clarence Thomas or even his most admiring reviewer quite grasps yet what the justice has produced in his new autobiography My Grandfather’s Son. Ask serious readers and writers who care about the issue of race in America since emancipation, and most will agree that certain books have to be read: Richard Wright’s Native Son, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible ManThe Autobiography of Malcolm X, and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird among them … No matter what you think you know about Clarence Thomas, you don’t know the half or tenth of it unless and until you have read this book.” – Hugh Hewitt in Townhall

My Grandfather’s Son and The Nine: Revealing a Life and a Court

-Hugh Hewitt, Townhall

Read This Book

-Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard

Clarence Thomas Tells His Story

-Lally Weymouth, Newsweek

Reading Clarence Thomas

-David J. Garrow, Legal Times

Hillsdale Interview with Justice Thomas

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